May 7, 2019

Dear patients, families and friends of Sonoran Sky Pediatrics-

With deep sadness, after over ten years of serving our community, Sonoran Sky Pediatrics is closed due to financial insolvency.

All of Sonoran Sky Pediatrics’ providers will be remaining in the local community and will be happy to see your familiar faces once they start to work at a new pediatric practice. If you would like to stay with your current doctor or provider, please watch our Facebook page and our website for updates.

Update July 9, 2019

Dr. Annie Nguyen is joining Pendleton Pediatrics 480-385-5055. 1445 W. Chandler Blvd, Chandler AZ 85224. Please call for an appointment.

Dr. Ruth Letizia is joining Banner Medical Group and will be in the East Mesa Banner Health Center 480-610-7100. 1917 S. Crismon Rd, Mesa AZ 85209. Her schedule will open for appointments at the end of July.

Our Nurse Practitioner Bobbi Moorehouse is making the transition to be a personal trainer.

Dr. Chris Hickie and Physician Assistant Catherine Lance are considering multiple offers and have not picked a practice at this time.

If you follow a provider to a new practice, you will need to register as a patient with the new practice and they can request medical records from us on your behalf. Medical records must be requested in writing accompanied by a signature from the legal custodial parent or guardian. You will have the ability to request your medical records until your child has turned 21 years old.

We have been honored and privileged to serve you and your family. Personally, my life has been blessed by you and your families, and my work as your doctor has been fulfilling in so many ways.

Thank you.
-Dr. Ruth Letizia

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How can I contact Sonoran Sky Pediatrics for medical records?

All medical record requests and correspondence should be faxed to 480-365-0049. You may also watch our website and Facebook page for updated information.